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Final Update / Reflection

I met with Mr. Meyer and we discussed my final project. We will continue our discussions about it into next semester. Final Reflection: Overall, I am content with my independent study experience. A lot of the basic music knowledge and introductory theory knowledge I have learned will help me immensely next semester in Explorations in …

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Solved (An Update)

I ended up repeating the notes in the chords that I was using, always going up, while the chord is playing. This added complexity and depth to the piece and I am really happy with how interesting it sounds now because I followed through on the idea Mr. Meyer gave me.

A Challenge

At this point I have written my melody line and have a lot of chords in, but I need to find a way of making the chords more interesting. Mr. Meyer previously suggested rearranging the notes in the chords with patterns, which I am working on doing. A chord is the same no matter what …

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Poem that I will use / Update The poem I chose is The Everlasting Voices by William Butler Yeats. I have taken time to figure out Flat and am starting to feel comfortable. A challenge I have had thus far is not coming up with ideas with good concepts that I’ve learned, but figuring out how to write them down in …

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Updates / An Important Distinction

At this point I have completed the Fundamentals of Music Theory course (except for the final exam). In reflecting on what I have gotten out of it, most of what I have learned has been solidifying music fundamentals. I began to learn actual music theory toward the end, and found it confusing and difficult. My …

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Midterm Reflection (from half way through)

What have you been learning so far? Give a brief summary. I have been learning about key signatures, types of notes, note durations, chords, and about major and minor scales. What has stirred your emotions?  Anything delightful, intriguing, frustrating, shocking? It has been a little frustrating to have a lot of concepts be things I …

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Interim Reflection (from 1/4 of the way through)

Interim Reflection You’re officially a quarter of the way through your independent study.  Time to consider how it’s going!   Here are some questions to guide you.  Respond in whatever form suits you best (blog post, slideshow, video, Google doc, other…)  Please make sure to share it with your academic advisor, your IS advisor, and …

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MacOS Montery

One of the most frustrating things so far in the process of this independent study has been not having access to my blog for a while and not knowing how to get in. Finally, it turned out that I needed to update to MacOS Montery, which was difficult to do, but once I did, I …

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The Circle of Fifths

Last week, one of the most interesting concepts I learned about was the Circle of 5ths. It was a little complicated and difficult to understand at first, but with help from Mr. Meyer, I was able to figure it out. I learned that starting at C, every time you go up a perfect 5th, 7 …

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Hello world!

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