Updates / An Important Distinction

At this point I have completed the Fundamentals of Music Theory course (except for the final exam). In reflecting on what I have gotten out of it, most of what I have learned has been solidifying music fundamentals. I began to learn actual music theory toward the end, and found it confusing and difficult. My title of my study is therefore a little bit of a misnomer, since it’s been mostly music fundamentals and less theory. There isn’t an issue with that— I really needed to get all the fundamentals down because my ultimate goal was to improve myself as a musician practically and I had a lot of holes in my fundamental knowledge. In order to truly learn the theory aspects, I will be beginning work on my final project, writing an original composition. I have found without practical application, I have trouble mastering concepts, so ending my coursework and trying to really put it into practice is definitely the best way for me to get the most out of this study. I will be trying to create a ‘bucket list’ of sorts of things I want to include in my final composition and will begin working on it. I have decided with Mr. Meyer that I will be writing a short composition for voice and piano using the lyrics of a poem. I have found a poem, which I will include in a separate post once I have surely decided it’s what I want to use. I will be using Flat.io to compose because it works a little bit like Google Docs in that it is easy to collaborate, so I can work closely with Mr. Meyer. I will have to spend some time learning how to use Flat, but I’m excited to get started with this!

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