Midterm Reflection (from half way through)

What have you been learning so far? Give a brief summary.

I have been learning about key signatures, types of notes, note durations, chords, and about major and minor scales.

What has stirred your emotions?  Anything delightful, intriguing, frustrating, shocking?

It has been a little frustrating to have a lot of concepts be things I just have to learn to memorize with practice; there’s no magic solution other than lots of practice.

Also, I didn’t expect so much math! There’s a lot of math involved with music theory concepts.

What new questions do you have about this topic?

I’m learning about how to create chords, but how do you deconstruct them?

How can the things I’ve learned be put together into songwriting?

What are you learning about your learning process? 

Time needs to be set aside ahead of time in order to be most productive and efficient.

Review your blog posts so far. Have they opened up conversations or led to new learning? 

I think my blog has been a good space for reflection and processing. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain things, but being forced to do so is helpful for processing.

What has been the most helpful thing that has come from meetings with your content advisor?

I really find the meetings helpful for hearing something explained in a different way, which really can help if I’m stuck.

What do you need to change?

I need to get better at scheduling my time for work, especially with how busy senior year is right now.

Do you need any help that you’re not currently receiving?

Not presently.

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