Interim Reflection (from 1/4 of the way through)

Interim Reflection

You’re officially a quarter of the way through your independent study.  Time to consider how it’s going!   Here are some questions to guide you.  Respond in whatever form suits you best (blog post, slideshow, video, Google doc, other…)  Please make sure to share it with your academic advisor, your IS advisor, and the IS Coordinator (Ms. Bessias).  

What is exciting to you so far?

It has been really exciting to begin to see the things I’ve been missing in order to be a better musician. I hadn’t really realized before that I didn’t really understand key signatures, but now that I have learned more I know it’s just something I can practice.

What is surprising or frustrating?

Technological hiccups have been frustrating so far. I hopefully will be able to fix my issues by updating my computer, but if not I will have to keep trying different solutions.

What are you learning about learning?

I am learning that it can be hard to self-guide one’s own learning. It’s hard to maintain consistency and a schedule of work with so much else going on. I am really glad I did an independent study because it’s really forcing me to figure out the best ways to manage myself.

Where are you recording information, ideas, questions, resources, etc.?  And how do you anticipate using this material, either in this project or in the future?

I am recording information in a hand-written notebook. I anticipate looking back on my notes for reflecting, refreshing, etc.

How is your time management working out?  When and where have you been doing the IS, and have you been meeting the 5 hr/week expectation?

Time management has been working out pretty well but is still a challenge. I have been doing my independent study when I don’t have a lot of other work to do, whether that’s at home during the week or during a free free period.

Is there any need for change in the way you’re approaching this course?

Not yet.

Refer to the proposal you submitted for approval.  In what ways does the reality match the proposal, and in what ways does it differ?  How would you adjust the proposal to reflect what you’re doing and expect to do between now and the end of the semester?

I started my study late, so my work so far is very similar to my plan because I am just following an online course plan. For that reason, I really wouldn’t have to adjust my proposal at this point. Nevertheless, in the future, I might finish work early or late, so the timeline of my study might change and in addition the final product. 

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